The Europa League For Next Season

The upbeat reading on the continuation of the Wenger saga relates to the theme of reinvention, which he's spoken about lately. It's said when something new is needed, the will never change his ways, but, since his switch to a formation at Middlesbrough on April, his team finished the season with nine wins out. Wenger hadn't played in the club at the back since his first season with three. Wenger said: We live but, in the end of the day, football is all about making the correct decision and every company is all about making the correct decision. Thatâs why I say itâs not about popularity, itâs about competence and I 've not got that responsibility. Itâs the board who must decide who'll lead the club in the future and, should they want me, I must decide: Do I say yes or no? Wenger was asked whether he might need to make a presentation to the directors that outlined why they need to persist with him and about the format of the meeting. The presentation that is best? Watch the game, he said. And there may be no doubt.

There's been persistent talk he agreed, in principle, in December to the conditions of it. Can it remain his modus operandi next season? They lost seven of matches in all competitions and, despite an end-of-season rally, they missed out on Champions League qualification and finished fifth in the Premier League. This leads in the discussion about comfort and mentality zones. Wenger’s priority remains to create an environment where the players can express themselves, together with the handbrake off, to borrow one of his favourite phrases. Is there a sufficient level of sustained intensity to his training sessions? Does he do the same? Wenger has made it clear he thinks he ought to be permitted to continue while he says he knows what I wish to happen into what would be his season in the club. While he contends together with the additional demands of a Europa League programme Wenger needs to really go from fifth to first next season. It's a huge ask for a lot of reasons as well as the fear needs to be that this time we'll be reflecting on a battle Wenger cannot win.

Gazidis has come to feel that tweaks and improvements need to be made to various structures, including scouting and coaching, but Wenger has made his opposition to a number of them particularly the notion of a director of football. I donât think I can answer that question in the moment, he said. The Cup final triumph offered a tantalising glimpse of what might have been if they were able to bottle up the performance and uncork it throughout a season, and what could be. It provided those with their glasses half full and a genuine note of optimism will want to overlook the fact the club have tended to finish seasons. You can lose the ball but still have seven guys on the other side of the ball Per Mertesacker said. We've had a large amount of players in the important zones of the pitch. Weâve had five plus two protecting the box with no ball, and three guys up front doing their thing a great balance. Wengerâs contract had been due to expire on June as well as the uncertainty over whether he'd sign up for another cycle has cast long shadows over the past season. It's unusual to hear any top manager slating the supporters of his club small it's without precedent for Wenger and the perceived number. The first thing is it's not a good look, even in the event the sentiments expressed were understandable in the light of the pummelling he's taken in recent times. More importantly, it's not something which tends to end. Wenger has admitted it wasn't the best move to depart the announcement until the end of it, which came with the FA Cup final victory on Saturday against Chelsea. Their fifthâ placed finish has put these in the Europa League for next season.


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